My Favorite Fetishes

NOTE: This is not an “All or Nothing” list if we are considering getting together. Also, I’m a submissive, meaning I like this stuff done to me. I can switch and do to someone else too, but the preference is to be done to me.


Links to videos are at the bottom of this page and will give an example of what I’m into.

NOTE: The extreme folder isn’t as bad as you might think it is but still isn’t for everyone. You have been put on notice.


Here’s what I put in a profile post:

I’m a very kinky guy looking for alpha males (preferably straight so it can be on the DL) that like to be natural and are kinky smelly dirty fun to have their feet worshipped, unshowered, ripe pits and ass all to appreciate. I will be clean and ready for you to use like a towel.

Seeking Dominant men or guys into mutual play and love to service kink-minded or curious guys..into fetish, kink etc…not feeling appreciated for the man you are in your day to day life or were you’re told that you smell today and made to feel bad by someone close to you?

Don’t feel under appreciated, you’re a man, and be made to feel like one, and shown that everything about you of your essence of a man, is HOT!

I am submissive to all of these and the raunchier the better, my limits are fading away and I am liking it nasty…the more *** the more I am into the most. Love a man who forces me to sniff and worship his farts and ass.

How will this happen?

  • Watersports (why get up from your seat, just make me drink your piss)
  • Man smells – shove your armpits into my face and make me smell them, use me as your towel
  • Sneakers – take them off and shove it in my face to worship your manly scent
  • Socks (same as tennis shoes)
  • Verbal degradation (call me whatever, no names are off limits)
  • Feet worship – want a massage, or make me smell them..or BOTH
  • Trampling or Crushing, love face and chest
  • CBT
  • Ever been so pissed off you just want to spit on someone…well Spit (on, in, stream or spray, glob acceptable) as much as you like***
  • BJ/Facial
  • Ripe underwear/ass sniffing/farting/forced to sniff and enjoy your farts and ass scent*****
  • Rim chair – have alternative of “gamer chair”
  • Snowballing
  • Human chair – sounds complicated, but is extremely comfortable. I lay down, and prop my legs up so you can sit down and use them as your back rest. Your underwear will be near my face so I can worship your scent and you can spit down on me at any time, all while you watch and control porn.
  • lately, even scat and a variety of others. There’s not much I won’t say “no” to, Sir. 😉 But that would probably be blood, women, underage, and perm scar.

No need to shower.. work out a load or 2 to swallow down..spit in and on me, all over, face and mouth, atm, sniff your ass as you jo and sit on me. gas mask, blindfold, spider gag, tarp (for watersports), and bondage rope also hot to play with.

I love starting off like an anonymous scene then talking afterwards, but to come in at first, unpack some toys, then blindfold and earplug myself, say I’m ready and have you come in, tie me up and Raunch / degrade the fuck out of me to your liking 😉

And maybe before you go for a workout or shopping or work, you tie me up, blindfold me, earplugs, and make the ropes so I can’t escape, and put a skidded / raunched pair of underwear so that is all I could breathe in and left me in your closet. No one else knows you have a fag worshipping your scent and that you are working out a sweat to go back and use him as your towel after your workout and put him through your Raunch some more training him and degrading him to his place which is to crave your scents 😉

Video Links

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Gag The Fag (my newest favorite fetish) – Video 1 | Video 2

Formerly Videos Folder: Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3 | Video 4 | Video 5 | Video 6 | Video 7 | Video 8 | Video 9 | Video 10 | Video 11 | Video 12 | Video 13 | Video 14 | Video 15 | Video 16 | Video 17 | Video 18 | Video 19 | Video 20

NEW: Google is censoring some of the videos, so I am working on transitioning them to my own server. This takes time and a lot of effort to do so. The “Extreme” folder has been uploaded to the new site, and soon all will follow.

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